Kava Club

There's no secret motto or mascot, The Kava Club is all about enjoying great times with mates. That's why we've sourced the best kava in Fiji - our own.

As Fijians, we know good kava. Ours is grown in a small village on the lush tropical volcanic island of Ovalau - where the soil is rich in nutrients - and brought here for you to share. This is a premium product for a premium night in.


The basics

Kava, also known as yaqona or grog, is a mild analgesic, diuretic and stress reliever. Drinking it makes you feel like everything is all good. You feel relaxed, tongue tingly and a bit fuzzy.

Kava occupies a central place in everyday life in Fiji. The drinking ceremony is a crucial element of diplomacy and all of Fiji's important events are marked with a kava session. Although non-alcoholic, it's the deal sealer, the friend maker. 

It's prepared using the root of the piper methstyicum plant, which is part of the pepper family.


Why our Fijian kava rocks

The Kava Club kava is special because the volcanic island where it's grown has soil rich in nutrients and is known for producing the most potent and best quality kava in the country. Our kava takes five years to grow. When it's ready, the kava root is dried in the sun over almost a week, then pounded down to make the phenomenal product that is The Kava Club kava.


We have recently teamed up with our friends from Vanuatu and Tonga to give you a bit more variety. Check it out under out Taste of The Pacific section.