Premium Quality Ovalau Waka - 500g
Premium Quality Ovalau Waka - 500g

Our crops got hit by Cyclone Winston in February 2016. We have replanted and will be ready to harvest next year. Trust us - it'll be worth the wait!


A decent night in - Ovalau Waka 500g.

We've done the hard work for you and sourced some seriously good grog. Waka is made up mostly from the lateral roots of the kava plant (the strongest part).

With a smooth, potent & earthy taste, this kava is sure to leave you feeling euphoric and relaxed. An easy way to find your happy place. Check out our Kava Club page to find out more about this premium product. 

The Kava root is already ground up and comes in powder form. You just need to put some in a mixing bag and add the water. Don't forget your mixing bag - and if you need a refresh on how to mix and drink, check out our resources

Makes about 15L (that's a solid effort for about five islander sized men or about 15 girls).


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